CLAMBER TUMBLER BIKE Multi Kidbox cargo bike is the ideal cargo bike for multiple purposes. The Multi kidbox has a wooden box where you can transport 2, 3 or 4 children. This cargo bike can be quickly converted into a cargo cargo bike or a cargo bike for dogs.Also it can make a front window here.
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With its direct steering, wide balloon tires, its wide and deep construction, the CLAMBER Multi Kidbox is an unusually stable cargo bike for transporting 2 or more children

The CLAMBER Multi kidbox is built on a solid steel frame platform (82x62cm outer dimensions) and has a load capacity of 100 kg. The CLAMBER Multi kidbox got its name because this electric cargo bike can be quickly converted from an electric cargo bike for children to a cargo cargo bike or a dog cargo bike.

The wooden box has a door at the front to ensure that the children can easily board themselves. This is also easy for transporting dogs. 2 belts are standard in the box. The rain tent is included for free.

The wide tires offer comfort and stability: such extra thick tires are ideal for cargo bikes, as the bulky air cushions of the special tires act as natural damping - meaning time-consuming and expensive suspension technology can be eliminated, the driver, the kids and the load still about 1/3 more vibration-free on the road than with normal tires.

Wide tires prevent you from getting on the tram rails - a great safety feature for city dwellers.

The CLAMBER Multi Kidbox is controlled directly via the two front wheels (via a so-called steering knuckle steering), not via the bucket swing as with most cargo bikes - this means that it is very stable and precise, even when driving faster, while also being sensitive is.

In combination with the sporty, straight handlebar, a great driving experience is created.

The stability of the bends is further increased by the wider width of 1 m, which means that you can go 'in a bend' faster.

The braking system is an important safety and comfort factor, especially for e-assisted cargo bikes. In the new "2020" model we have now upgraded the three disc brakes to hydraulic control (Tektro Auriga): this means that very little manual effort is required during braking, there is no need to readjust the brake pads and it braking sensation is direct and precise.

Due to the lower weight, the comfortable wide tires and the sporty seating position, the KidsCab Multi Kidbox drives surprisingly easily, even without the support of the electric motor, but the built-in Bafang motor provides a welcome pushing aid up to 80 Nm of torque.

The CLAMBER Multi Kidbox is equipped with a walking function and three rear lights.

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