Basic cycling skills

- Jan 25, 2019-

(a) posture

The correct riding posture is: the upper body is lower, the head is slightly inclined and forward; the arms are naturally bent, which is convenient for the waist to bend, lowering the center of gravity of the body, and preventing the impact force generated by the bumps of the car from reaching the whole body; With a strong grip, the hips sit on the seat.

(2) Stepping

The pedaling methods for cycling are freestyle, toe down and heel down.

1. Freestyle pedaling method: At present, some excellent athletes mostly adopt the freestyle pedaling method. This method of pedaling is that during the rotation of the foot, the angle of the ankle joint changes according to the location. The free-style pedaling is in accordance with the mechanics principle. The direction of the force is consistent with the circumferential tangent formed by the rotation of the ankle, which reduces the amplitude of the knee joint and the thigh, helps to increase the pedaling frequency, naturally passes the critical section, and reduces the dead point. . The thigh muscles can also be relatively relaxed. But this method of pedaling is hard to master.

2, the toe is stepping down the law: the characteristic of the pedal is that the toe is always down during the whole step of the pedal rotation. This method has a small range of ankle motion, which is beneficial to increase the frequency and easy to grasp, but the leg muscles It is always in a state of tension, which is not conducive to the passage of critical sections.

3, heel down type pedaling method: heel down type pedaling method is toe slightly up, heel down 8 ~ 15 degrees, this method is rarely used in normal riding, only a few people in the process of riding Use the heel-down stepping method when using excessive force. It is characterized by the fact that the muscles change their exertion state in a short period of time and get a short rest to achieve the purpose of restoring muscle fatigue.