Bicycle brake type division

- Jan 25, 2019-

According to the point of action of the braking force:

Brake bicycle rim type, such as suspension brake, V brake, clamp brake, etc.

The advantages of this kind of brake are light weight, low price and convenient maintenance. The disadvantage is that it is affected by the riding environment. Rain, sand and sand will interfere with the braking effect, and the rim will be consumed, leaving black marks.

Brake bicycle bearing type, there are brakes (belt brakes), up brakes (drum brakes), disc brakes, roller brakes, reverse brakes (dead speed).

According to the way the brake force is transmitted:

Pull-bar brakes are often used on old-fashioned cars, with stable results, safe and reliable, and heavy weight.

Pull-wire brakes can be said to be the most widely used transmission method. Basically all models can be used, and the transmission effect is better.

Hydraulic brake: used on oil disc brakes. The main features are extremely high sensitivity, high braking effect and good safety performance, but maintenance work is difficult.

Since the development of bicycles, many types of disc brakes have been gradually eliminated. The most common braking methods for bicycles today are V brakes and disc brakes. Correspondingly, the use of pull-wire and hydraulic lock brakes is also very wide.