Bicycle maintenance tips

- Jan 31, 2019-

Our bicycles are often kept small to maintain their appearance and, above all, to ensure their stability. In fact, the bicycle manufacturer's so-called tricks only one point, that is diligence, yes, is to diligently maintain their own bicycles.

Only when you always care for your own bicycles will you not have many big problems that you can't solve. So how do you maintain our bicycles?

The first thing is to keep our bicycles clean. When we are riding outside, if the road is not good, the bicycle will stick a lot of dust on each part. After a long time, it will accumulate thick. Dust, it is more difficult to clean, especially the chain, the teeth of the toothed disc and the pulley of the transmission. If we do not clean it in time, we will see a very thick sludge. What harm is it? Since the chain and the toothed disc have been intensified, the shifting is inaccurate and often chained.


If it is a disc brake, it is necessary to clean the disc and the brake pad at intervals. Over time, there will be problems, and there will be brake noise. If it is a V-brake, it will be better cleaned in time and kept clean. If there is sediment on the wheel set, the wheel set will be worn over time, causing the wheel set to be scrapped.

If you have time, you can also clean the tires, often riding outside, it is easy to stick to the chemical, if not cleaned in time, it will cause the tires to age, the grip is reduced, and the risk of riding is increased.

To sum up, it is still a sentence, that is, diligent maintenance, only diligently do some daily cleaning work for our bicycle, then it will not strike at a critical moment.