How to correctly charge electric tricycle

- Jan 15, 2019-

The new battery should be charged for 12-14 hours before the battery is charged. When the electric tricycle is under voltage, it will be charged. After charging, charge for about 8 hours. After the red light turns green, float for about 1 hour. Do not overcharge.

It's right to use the battery for diligent use. Basically, it means charging after riding every day. But here is a problem. If your battery can run for 30 kilometers, it will charge it when you run 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers. This is not necessarily good for the battery, because when the battery is fully charged, there will be a gas overflow, and this gas is generated by the decomposition of water in the electrolyte, so that water loss occurs, and the battery is frequently charged. The number of water loss increases, and the battery will quickly enter the expiration period. So the good way is that if you don't ride the electric car the next day, you'd better fill it up, but when you ride 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers, the next day is enough to run, it is best to wait. The next day, after riding, recharge, so that the battery's water loss will be reduced, and the battery life will be extended.