How to do electric car battery fever

- Feb 10, 2019-

The electric car has been charging red light for the past few days. The plastic case with the battery is hot, the ride feels weak, the distance is not far away, the battery is used for 8 months, or a 36V bicycle-type electric car. Ask what to do.

This is the reason for battery polarization and battery water loss. Timely maintenance can be restored. The method is: the battery is supplemented with 15ML pure water, charged with 4 amps of current, charged to the current to 1 amp, parked for 2 hours, and the voltage of each battery is measured to be 13.3. If one does not reach the battery, then charge the battery. , to the end. Then string the battery up, just fine.


The Mesdar tricycle pointed out that the summer weather is hot and hot, people will feel uncomfortable. The battery is also the same. The summer battery will lose more water and will be thirsty like a human.

Therefore, the summer battery should pay attention to the following points when charging, you can properly avoid the battery belly.

1. It is found that the charging time of the battery is obviously longer (the general charging time is 6-8 hours). I didn't turn the lights all night, I have to take the charger off quickly. Go to a professional place to detect the charger. Switching to a better charger will benefit a lot.

2, charging the battery to the green light for a long time, the detection of the charger is no problem, that is, the battery has a problem. The battery lost is quite powerful. It can be added properly. Do not add more liquids. Don't see the water inside. (It is best to find a professional person to add) Add the liquid to rest for one day to charge.

3, in addition to excessive liquid loss, it is possible that one of the batteries has a short circuit. You can use a multimeter to measure the voltage of each battery. If it is found that the voltage is very low, it is short circuited. I have to change the battery.

In the hot summer, most of the phenomenon is that the ride is still good. After a charge, it suddenly breaks down. After opening the battery case, the battery has been partially or completely deformed. The battery cannot be used and must be replaced!

However, there are signs that the battery was scrapped before. For example, when the battery was charged, the battery was not hot. After using it for a year or so (some even shorter time), the battery was found to be hot when charging. I can feel it.) However, most users are surprised but not too concerned, because the feeling does not hinder the ride, and most of the time in the summer, the situation suddenly occurred.

Therefore, for electric vehicle users, the usual maintenance is very important, but most people do not know how to maintain. There are also some users who are told that the battery is maintenance-free when purchasing an electric car, but the electrolyte of the battery is made into a gel or it has better sealing performance than the general battery. But no matter how the battery is used for a year or so (or longer or shorter), the formation of sulfate crystals in the battery plate is unavoidable. The resistance increases, the charge is heated, the water loss is lost, and the vulcanization is increased to produce a vicious circle. Inevitably! Electric car battery is in need of maintenance!