How to make the electric pedicab battery last longer

- Jan 05, 2019-

Nowadays, the number of electric tricycles is increasing. As the "heart" of electric tricycles, once the "heart" has a problem, it will affect the user's travel and other issues. Then when is the best time to charge the electric tricycle Many users care about the problem? Is it charged when there is no electricity? Still waiting for the battery to be only half the time? Still want to charge? In fact, several methods mentioned above are all incorrect. The best time to charge should be based on the condition of the battery, and then properly maintained and used. Only in this way can the battery be used more durable.

Five aspects to pay attention to when charging an electric car:

1. Charge when the battery indicator shows the remaining one-third of the battery.

2. Use the standard charger to charge.

3, the charging environment should be kept dry and tidy, the charger should not be wrapped in plastic bags or plastic bottles, should be placed in a ventilated place, because the charger is not easy to breathe when burned.

4. The charger is placed in a fixed place, do not bump, can not be easily transferred, to avoid the drift of internal components due to the transfer, thus affecting the change of the entire parameter. If you want to transfer it, you can use something like foam to wrap it and reduce the shock.

5, try not to use fast charge, if not necessary for more than two times a month, often use electric car fast charging service, electric car charging will have a certain impact on battery life.

6. The charging time should not be too long. The charger should be unplugged after the charger indicator light jumps for two hours. This will not cause the active material of the plate to harden and fall off due to overcharging. The plate is vulcanized.

When purchasing a battery, you should choose a battery with a big brand and a good reputation. Because the quality of good brand battery is good, the service is also good, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects are very well constructed, which can provide users with a better consumer after-sales body Inspection service.