Method for maintenance of electric vehicles in daily life

- Feb 10, 2019-

When the electric car is started, the moment of starting should be slowly rotated. When the car is driving, do not start and brake frequently during the process. If there is an emergency brake condition, the driver can be released in advance and then driven by inertia. This can also reduce the damage caused by the battery discharge phenomenon and increase the mileage.


Then, when the battery capacity of the electric vehicle is insufficient, don't force it to run, and don't carry people. It is best to charge it efficiently to avoid the lack of power and avoid damage to the electric car; if the electric car is charging After that, if you need to leave it for a long time, you can disconnect the main switch and then charge it.

In addition, the most critical aspect of electric vehicle maintenance is battery life. Do not charge it at high temperature during charging to avoid potential safety hazards. When charging an electric vehicle, it is best to choose a place with good ventilation. It is quite important not to disassemble the battery case and the charger without permission.

After the last step of the electric car in the high temperature state, it is necessary to maintain it effectively. Do not charge it immediately, which will often lead to damage to the electric car.