Share the knowledge points of pedicab

- Jan 02, 2019-

The tricycle is divided into two parts, the front part has a wheel that can be turned, the handlebar, the bell, the brake, the pedal and the seat, and the rear wheel is driven by the chain. The rear part of the tricycle is mainly a carriage, and the car is made of wooden semicircle, which can be used by two people side by side. A foldable awning is mounted on the carriage, and a spring and two wheels are mounted on the underside. Below the seat is a wooden box that can be opened to store the gears and other things of the driver. A seat cushion made of cloth and cotton wool on the seat, and a foot pedal below. Two hooks in front of the compartment can be used to hang rain curtains. The curtains are usually made of canvas or tarpaulin. In winter, cotton curtains are used to keep out the wind.

Another type of tricycle is called a children's tricycle, a toy designed for young children. In addition to the difference of only one person, the children's tricycle has no chain and brakes. The pedals of the car are directly connected to the front wheels, and the speed of the wheels is exactly the same as the speed of the pedals.

Tricycle manufacturers talk about the classification of tricycles

Human tricycle: A three-wheeled bicycle, equipped with a compartment or a flat panel, used to carry people or load goods.

Electric tricycle: beautiful appearance, energy saving, good climbing performance, flexible steering, economical and practical, reliable quality and environmental protection.

Transport electric tricycle

Simple electric tricycle

Motor tricycle: Motor tricycle refers to three-wheeled vehicles that are driven by the power unit or driven and driven on the road, except for the disabled motorized wheelchairs with the highest speed, empty car and outer dimensions.

Children's tricycle

Garbage tricycle: Sanitation truck has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, labor saving, flexible steering, economical and practical, reliable quality and environmental protection.


Sanitation truck

Battery tricycle

Disabled motorized wheelchair

Electric three wheel

The tricycle manufacturer's Xiaobian learned that the electric tricycle adopts high-quality large-capacity traction lead-acid battery with strong power; adopts high-quality DC motor, low running noise and long service life; the speed control system adopts stepless speed regulation, and the structure is simple and easy to operate.

The electric tricycle is small enough to travel flexibly through narrow roads.

The electric tricycle has a reverse switch, which can easily realize the reverse driving function and has voice prompts. This is very practical in the narrow alleys and alleys of the road, and it is very convenient to park and park.

There is no pollution during the operation of the electric tricycle, which is conducive to environmental protection. It can be charged when the power is low at night, make full use of power resources, and have social benefits of environmental protection and energy conservation.

The electric tricycle charging and driving system has been carefully designed and used with high-quality components, which greatly reduces the running cost and the average running cost is far lower than that of the equivalent car.

Electric tricycles are relatively new and are a good way to travel. And the price is cheap.

Motorized three rounds

The power of a motor tricycle is two types: a gasoline engine and a diesel engine. Compared with the electric tricycle, the power is greatly increased, the weight of the load is increased, and the transportation capacity is improved. The disadvantage is that the fuel discharge will cause certain pollution to the environment, and the relevant procedures must be issued by the traffic control department during operation.