Solutions to some problems with pedicab

- Jan 02, 2019-

Electric pedicab sometimes have some problems, such as stopping and stopping. This kind of situation is a very typical problem. These problems can solve big problems for electric pedicab. The customer reported that the motor did not turn when the electric tricycle was riding, but it could be turned over after a while. This kind of situation is dangerous and extremely dangerous. This situation is mostly caused by poor contact of the power line, which causes the power supply to be abnormal. Generally, it is not a controller failure. Remove the power plug and let the power cable directly connect with the controller.

The trio of the tricycle manufacturer reminds everyone that if the battery of the electric tricycle is installed under the steel frame of the car body, there must be at least half an inch of space on the liquid injection cap of the battery. The original case of the lead storage battery should be thoroughly washed with the soda solution. Maybe you have to paint again.

The fixed battery pack does not have to be housed in a box. It should be installed in a dry and ventilated room, placed on the clip so that there is one inch of open space around each tray, and there is at least six inches of space on the top for ventilation, wiping and Add water. When connecting the electric tricycle battery, the steel terminal and the connecting handle of each battery should be cleaned first, then the handle is placed on the top of the upper and lower thick column. The trio of tricycle manufacturers reminded everyone that the loose contact is enough to increase the resistance, and the heat is too high. This can be detected by touching the connecting handle after a period of considerable current.

The trilogy of tricycle manufacturers reminds everyone that the use of electric pedicab not only brings great benefits to people, but also the production of some industrial production tail-end industries provides convenience, but there are various problems in use. The solution of the problem will bring more people's lives.