What are the taboos for electric vehicle maintenance?

- Feb 10, 2019-

One: Once the battery is exhausted, it will be charged.

Most people usually think of charging the battery after the battery of the electric bicycle is completely used up. It is not known that the battery should be charged before it is completely used up, otherwise it will speed up the battery attenuation and shorten the battery life.


Two: If the two bogey are not full, use it.

Some people remembered to charge the battery late at night, and the battery was not fully charged until the next day. Every time you charge the battery, it should be fully charged before use. If it is not fully charged once, it will not affect the battery too much, but if it is not fully used, the battery will produce a kind of "memory", and the battery will not be used later. Fully charged, affecting its mileage and battery life.

Three: bogey do not need to charge

Some people may not use an electric bicycle for a month or two, and they will not think of charging the battery at this time. In fact, the battery will also discharge when not in use, and it will not be used for a long time without charging the battery, which will weaken the performance of the battery. The correct way is: when not in use for a long time, charge the battery once every half month or so.

Four: bogey fast brakes

Electric bicycles can reach higher speeds, and many consumers like to ride fast cars and emergency brakes in case of situations. Electric bicycles are braked at high speeds, and unsafe factors increase, which may cause rollover accidents. The correct way is: don't drive too fast, stop slowly.

Five: bogey starts climbing and does not help

To ride an electric bicycle is to save energy. Many people do not ride human when the battery is used up, including when starting and going up the bridge and climbing the slope. In fact, electric bicycles ride in the case of starting, climbing, and heavy load, the battery discharge will be higher than usual, the current will increase significantly, people are not helpful, and the battery is a kind of damage. Therefore, when starting and climbing, it is best to bring a belt.