What is the design trend of the electric three-wheel?

- Jan 10, 2019-

Ordinary electric tricycles are designed to carry a load of one hundred kilograms, so to remove the weight of the rider, prevent the object from being too heavy, and use the pedal boost when the load is heavy. The saddle height is adjusted to allow the rider's feet to be grounded to ensure safety. In order to ensure the safety, its electric door should be opened when it is on the train. When parking or fulfilling, the electric door should be closed in real time to prevent unintentional twisting of the steering wheel and the sudden start of the vehicle. It is recommended to use the pedal boost when going uphill. Prevent the motor starting switch and the brake brake lever from being used to prevent the motor from being overloaded and damaging other components. It does not conform to the bumpy or steep road, if the vibration is too large, it will form a poor contact of the electrical device. In case of such a road surface, please try to slow down or get off as well.