Adjust How Bicycle Spokes Start

- Jan 25, 2019-

By adjusting the tightness of the spokes to restrain the bicycle wheels from running on the same plane, this is an important step in checking whether the bicycle is riding properly.

Needless to say, to adjust the bicycle spokes, the first is a special tool for the spoke wrench.

The common installation state of spokes is a three-in-one network, that is, each spoke has one intersection with the other three spokes.

The spokes and the spoke caps are connected by threads, and the spokes are often used to rotate the spoke caps to adjust the spokes tightness.

When preparing to adjust the spokes, just in case, let the gas of the inner tube be released first, and the inner tube will be pierced when the spoke cap is rotated.

Adjusting the spoke elastic is mainly to ensure the circumference of the rim, so we must master the skills of viewing the rim of the rim. In this issue, the Guangzhou Bicycle Factory introduces the following three methods and techniques:

Method 1: Remove the lower wheel and place it on the special calibration frame.

Method 2: You can hold the fork with one hand and move the thumb to the inside of the rim without removing the wheel.

Method 3: Turn the wheel and carefully observe whether the distance between the brake and the rim is equal.

Regardless of which method is used, their working principles can be summarized as follows:

When the wheel is rotating, the distance between the rim and the reference object is larger, the more the spokes at this point are tightened, and the spokes are relaxed.

If the rim is in the left direction, the right spokes need to be tightened to loosen the left spokes; otherwise, the left spokes are tightened to relax the right spokes.

Finally, make sure that all the points of the rim are equal to the distance of the reference object, and that the tension of each spoke is kept the same, and the adjustment of the spokes is truly completed.