Electric Tricycle Use

- Jan 15, 2019-

As an environmentally friendly, clean, high-conversion energy source, electricity is widely used in consumption and life, and electricity is used to drive traffic workers.

The upgrading of electric tricycles, promoting the low-carbon development of the transportation industry, reducing transportation costs, saving energy, and maintaining the environment are among the important topics discussed by countries around the world. After decades of development, they have been used in electric city buses. , factory mine electric transport vehicles, electric city sanitation cleaning vehicles, engineering, ramps, subway construction vehicles and many other areas. The electric tricycle has the advantages of strong applicability, mobile recording, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, low price, etc., and can pass through narrow roads sensitively. The electric tricycle has a reversing switch, which can easily complete the reverse driving function. This is very suitable for the narrow roads and the streets, and it is very convenient for parking. It is widely used in short-distance transportation such as family, urban and rural areas, individual rental, factory area, mining area, sanitation, and community cleaning.