Factors Affecting The Battery Of Pedicab

- Jan 02, 2019-

During the use of the tricycle, the battery is a consumable part, which is directly related to the user's use cost. In actual use, the battery life is often found to be much lower than the original life. The main reasons for the analysis are as follows.

First, the quality of the battery itself

The factors affecting the consistency of the battery are the level of battery manufacturing technology and the quality of the battery, the management of the battery and the level of the process. High technical level, advanced production technology, good materials, high degree of mechanization, and consistent battery consistency. In the battery production process, the degree of manual labor is large, which will inevitably affect the consistency of the battery. Therefore, when selecting the battery as an electric vehicle manufacturer, it is necessary to examine the consistency of the battery, understand the production technology, equipment and production management of the battery manufacturer, and select the battery. A battery with stable performance and high consistency.

Second, the matching level of the electric vehicle's own circuit system

The charger and controller are closely related to battery life in the tricycle circuit system. In comparison, the charger has a greater impact on the battery than the controller.

1, insufficient charging

Electric tricycle manufacturers remind you that from the electrochemical reaction, the lack of charging means that the lead sulfate of the yin and yang plates cannot be completely converted into spongy lead and lead dioxide, which makes the battery capacity insufficient. If the battery is not charged for a long time, it will cause sulfuric acid. Lead crystals, particles increase, the plate is vulcanized, and the battery quality is deteriorated.

2, overcharge

Overcharging will cause the amount of oxygen generated by the anode to be greater than the absorption capacity of the cathode, thereby increasing the internal pressure of the battery, eventually opening the safety valve, and the gas overflows, resulting in a decrease in the electrolyte. Damage to the battery results in a much shorter battery life.

3, the controller

The effect of the controller on battery life is reflected in current density. For tricycles, current density is primarily the average current and peak current. Whether the controller is over-discharged. The tricycle's voltage limiting protection setting is too low, which may cause overdischarge of the battery. Over-discharge damage to the life of the battery is very serious.

4, charger factor

The electric tricycle manufacturer reminds you that one working cycle of the battery is the charging and discharging process, so the charging process is also an important factor affecting the battery life. The charging current of the battery, the control method of charging, etc. directly affect the life of the battery. The capacity and voltage of the battery pack determine the parameters of the charging. Therefore, the parameters of the charger should match the parameters of the battery, so as to reduce the chance of damage to the battery due to improper charging.