How To Choose A Suitable Electric Tricycle

- Jan 10, 2019-

First, we must look at the local regulations on electric vehicles. If the locals require electric vehicles to be licensed, but it is not easy to get on the cards, it is best not to buy them. Otherwise, they will not be able to get on the road. In some places, even electric vehicles are not allowed to go on the road. This is even more clear.

It is also very important to choose a brand. Try to choose a big brand. Large manufacturers of service outlets and dealers, and after-sales service is convenient. At the same time, the quality of large manufacturers has certain guarantees. Many small manufacturers are doing a hammer sale. You bought their car today, and you may not find their factory and shop tomorrow. What quality problems are difficult to solve.

There are two types of electric vehicles: motorcycle type and bicycle type. The choice of models depends on the actual situation of the rider. The figure is a kind of consideration. For example, a girl who is weak and windy, it is best not to buy a super-luxury electric car, which is about 200 pounds. When you need to force it, you must not move it; Dahan, you can't always get an electric car with an automatic model, so people look funny. In addition, the choice of the model should be considered according to the existence of the rider. The storage space is narrow and narrow, so try to buy lighter. In addition, if you need to carry goods and pick up and drop off children to go to school every day, then you should consider the convenience of passengers and the convenience of loading goods.

There are four major parts of electric vehicles, namely motors, batteries, chargers and controllers. This is the key to the performance of an electric car. Therefore, before you buy a car, you can first understand the brand, manufacturer and performance of the four major pieces, so that you can have a standard when you look at the car. Most electric vehicle manufacturers are assembled, and their components, especially the four major ones, are purchased from various manufacturers. Therefore, the selection of cars can not just look at the brand and manufacturers, it depends on the inner four major pieces.

The power of the motor is important. If the power is too small, the load, speed, acceleration and hill climbing are limited. In particular, the climbing ability is directly related to the power of the motor, so try to choose a high-power motor. The warranty period for most motor dealers is 3 years, so the warranty period is not critical, the key is the brand and performance of the motor.