How To Maintain Electric Pedicab In Winter

- Jan 05, 2019-

1, battery maintenance is the key

In the winter electric three-wheeled car maintenance, the battery is the key.

There are three points to note about battery maintenance. First, you must charge it in time. When the car is out of power, the battery is easily salted, resulting in insufficient charging and reduced battery capacity. Therefore, charging in time before the battery indicates that the battery is low is the best choice.

Secondly, excessive discharge is strictly forbidden. The damage caused by excessive discharge on the battery is very large, which seriously affects the service life. Therefore, it is necessary to recharge the battery when it is completely out of power or unable to ride.

Finally, you need to charge when you are idle. In winter, as the number of trips decreases, you often ignore the charging. In fact, even if you don't use it in winter, you should charge it at least once a month, which can greatly extend the battery life.

2. Regular inspection and maintenance at the outlets after sale

Many people think that the three-wheeled car does not require maintenance, which is a wrong concept. Due to the cold weather in winter, the probability of problems in batteries, electronic components, heating systems, brake systems, etc. at very low temperatures will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out necessary maintenance inspections at regular sales outlets. Especially after the rain and snow weather, check whether the brake system is sensitive, whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the vehicle has abnormal noise, whether the screw is loose, and whether the whole vehicle is lubricated is an essential subject for maintenance. Regular maintenance can make your car more comfortable.

3, master the correct way to ride

The correct way to ride is also a must for extending the life of your car. Be sure to keep it steady when starting, and start slowly, avoiding too fast and too fast, which can prevent the battery from being discharged in a short time and cause serious damage to the battery.

Under the premise of ensuring safety during driving, the number of brakes should be minimized and frequent starting should be avoided, which can greatly extend battery life. When encountering rain or snow, slippery or uphill, upwind, and heavy traffic, try to slow down and run smoothly to reduce the impact damage to the battery.

4, reasonable storage

When the electric three-wheeled caravan is not in use, the electric door should be turned off to keep the inner tube air pressure sufficient. Choose indoors or covered areas for storage, avoid storing in high humidity and corrosive environment, and prevent winter rain and snow from eroding. Affect the brightness and gloss of the paint.

Especially for low-temperature paint products of small and medium-sized manufacturers, the phenomenon of fading and discoloration after sun exposure or rain and snow erosion will be very obvious. It is essential to maintain a suitable storage location for the car in winter.

Electric tricycles provide convenience for people to travel, and become a necessary means of transportation for many families, especially middle-aged and elderly families. Good car should be better maintained, winter is coming, remind consumers, familiar with electric three-wheeled car maintenance, reasonable use, diligent maintenance, let the car safe for the winter, so that the car will better help our safe and comfortable travel.