The Importance Of Bicycle Cleaning

- Jan 31, 2019-

Many people think that bicycles don't need to be cleaned frequently, and many spare parts are made of steel. They worry that wet water will rust and affect performance. In fact, this idea is wrong. After riding in mud or on a rainy day, the first thing to do is to clean the bike. why? The main reason is that the dirty things stuck on the car are also corrosive, which not only damages the paint of the frame, but also corrodes the transmission parts. Moreover, the sand and the like stick to the chain, which will intensify the gears. , the wear of the chain. Therefore, Guangdong Bicycle Factory feels that cleaning bicycles is a very necessary job.

For the problem of rust prevention, as long as we clean the bicycle, we will carry out related rust prevention work, for example, apply anti-rust oil, lubricating oil and so on.